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job seekers


We contract with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to provide employment consulting services to job seekers.  Our role in this process is to serve as a coach, helping to guide you along your individual path to find meaningful employment that fits your unique interests, skill-sets, and abilities.  We want to help you find the right fit for the long-term, which gives you a sense of pride, raises your self-esteem and quality of life.

initial consultation

When we meet with you for the first time, our goal is to simply get to know you. Learning more about your interests, hobbies, past employment experience, family and caregivers, and transportation options is helpful for us to determine the best career path and coordinate the necessary logistics to set you up for success. We also discuss any barriers that could affect your career options and identify ways to overcome them.

Job Preparation, Development, and Placement

We enjoy helping you create or update cover letters, resumes, and reference lists that are suitable for the types of positions you’re interested in. We work together to prepare you for the application and interview process. These “marketing materials” for your job search are true to you and the position you’re applying for. We will teach you strategies to best create your resume and cover letters to match these positions – really making it stand out. You will also learn different job search techniques, prepare for interviewing and explore other strategies to help you land that perfect job.


After you’ve been hired for a position, we ensure you have all the information you need to get started, including your new hire paperwork and transportation plan. We help bridge any gaps in communication between you and your coworkers to ensure you have the information needed to be successful.

supported employment

These services are provided to job seekers who may need significant assistance in planning for, seeking, obtaining, and maintaining employment. We will:

  • Assess needs, preferences, and abilities
  • Provide job preparation skills training and assistance to include resume and cover letter writing and job search techniques
  • Develop one or more work site visits for career exploration and skill assessment
  • Assist individuals to contact employers, complete job applications and interview
  • Provide on-site coaching upon hire
  • Provide long-term support to include job coaching and advocacy as needed for the employee’s career

get started

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LeAnne (Independent Living coordinator)

Mallory truly takes a personalized approach to finding her clients a job. She doesn’t just encourage her clients to find a job for income, she encourages them to find jobs that they will love and succeed in.

vickie (volunteer coordinator)

Mallory helped me zero in on what my abilities, skills, and interests were and exactly what I wanted and did not want in a job. She also helped build my confidence and made sure I knew what I had to have and how to prepare for each step in the job hunting process. I enjoyed working with Mallory. She was professional and great to work with.